Google Maps Geocoding with JSON and PHP

When using maps on a website, Google is clearly the service to go with. If you are using JavaScript only, parsing a JSON response from Google shouldn´t be difficult, but how to use the response in PHP? In this article, I´ll describe how to use Zend Framework...

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Converting a MySQL database to UTF-8

I just spent about 2 days to convert my old MySQL database from latin1 / latin1_general_ci to UTF-8 character encoding. There are about a gazillion pitfalls, especially when you work on old PHP code mixed with ZF code, on a live site of a client. The first tip is......

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Typo3: Installation on a shared hoster

Pls. note: these articles were published 2005, and might be outdated I did some work for a German online magazine for designers and programmers. Those articles might be, or sure are, outdated, but might as well provide some useful information still. If you can either...

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Kleiner Hinweis am Rande

Ich nutze wahrscheinlich Cookies auf dieser Website. Oder werde mal irgendwann. Nicht um eine optimale User Experience zu gewährleisten, sondern um damit irgendwas dubioses zu machen! Dir steht frei das zu vermeiden, indem du die Website einfach verlässt, und die hier angebotenen Informationen ignorierst. Nicht schlimm, ich mache das eh nur zum Spaß 😜

If you don´t pay for the product, you are the product 😉